See How Our Garden Grows

The family garden has become a necessity at the ole’ Wolowik Ranch.  Started humbly by the hubby years ago, we continue to expand the number of raised bed boxes each year as well as change up the ‘cast of characters’ present in the garden.  Given the Midwest’s non-existent spring this year we had our doubts about how well the garden would produce.  We have never started it so late (beginning of June! Yikes!) but are pleasantly surprised by the results thus far.

First up are our monster tomato plants.  The fence is 6 feet tall if that gives you an idea of big they have gotten.  We have never seen so many blooms on the tomatoes as this year!  Lots of heirloom varieties we haven’t tried before and boy are we excited for them to ripen!

Goliath Tomatoes
Goliath Tomatoes

Next up…our crazy big onion patch.  We have our largest garden box chocked full of onions this year.  Included in the mix are a few ‘egyptian walking onions’ that we picked up a few years ago and they do not disappoint.  If you see some at your local farmer’s market, snatch them up as you will never need to plant another one.  They self propagate and come back each spring all on their own and are fantastic to cook with.

We also had our tomatoes in this box last year so several rogue plants have come up on their own this year.  Always interesting to see what kind of fruit they will produce.


For the first time the boy and I decided to plant bi-color sweet corn since we received some free seeds this spring.  Happy to report they appear to be doing well.  Can’t wait to harvest our own corn!

We are also giving butternut squash a whirl, which is what you are seeing going up the trellis in the background.  We have A LOT of squash already formed so be prepared for some squashy recipes this fall.

??????????The hubby attributes all this great growth to some pretty fantastic compost provided by our ladies.  While their poo is too ‘hot’ (IE: high in nitrogen) to put directly on the garden, if you let it compost all winter long with some straw…it makes your garden quite happy it would seem.

I poop, therefore I am
I poop, therefore I am

But really where the magic happens is on the deck….oh our glorious deck.  Anyone who knows me knows this is where I spend every last available minute during the summer.

This corner is pure happiness
This corner is pure happiness

????????????????????????????????????????Hope you are all enjoying your summer!  Ours is whizzing by but we are enjoying every minute of it!  Happy gardening!


2 thoughts on “See How Our Garden Grows

  1. Heather very nice. Nothing compares to home grown veggies. And I can see why you spend all the time you can on your deck.

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