Intelligent Phones

So the hubby has finally embraced the concept of the ‘smart phone’ (or as he likes to call it…his intelligent phone).  For years he repelled any new fangled ideas in the realm of technology and stuck with his pre-historic flip phone.  He would painstakingly cycle through all of the ding-dang letters when attempting to text and really was just fine with it all. (It seriously hurt to watch him do this)

Until one day….he found me watching a video on my phone.  He stared at it in awe and quietly requested he get one of his own.

Since the hubby has a new work schedule that means I don’t get to see him very often during the week, texting messages and pictures to and fro has become our new form of communication and I get some pretty entertaining messages from him.

After a particularly good night at the restaurant, I received the following:

Tom-zombieThis one made me giggle out loud….cause we are weird and know how to make each other laugh.

Then yesterday at work I received the following:

tom tomatoAnd I thought….hmmmmm….did the spell check insert some weird word as it has a tendency to do?

Nope…he really meant tomato bra as the following picture came thru:

021Seems the ladies were a bit droopy after a bunch of rain and needed some ‘support’. The plants in the back are now over 7 feet tall and chocked full of fruit.  Now if we could just get some warmer temps to help get them ripen!

Hurray for technology!


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