The last and the first

We did our best to squeeze out the last drops of summer.  The weather cooperated and offered us a lovely cool day to be spent outside.  So that is exactly what we did.  Since there was a breeze we thought we would check out a beach not far from the house to try out some new kites.  In true Madisonian style, there was a protest a-happenin at that location and we decided we didn’t need to partake.  So we kept driving….

Hey! How about Picnic Point?  In 15+ years of being in Madison, we had never been.  So off we went to try and locate it.  As is turns out, it is pretty easy to find, and we are kicking ourselves we have never gone before.

To get out to the Point is about a mile trek which was perfect (well 75% of the family felt it was perfect, one 10 year old did not…but I digress)


ld1 As it turns out, it isn’t the best location for kite flying….trees everywhere.  But that didn’t stop the boy from running the entire mile with his kite 24″ about his head.

ld9Views along the way were amazing as we rarely get to see Madison from this side of the lake, and it is truly beautiful.



Our children are drawn to frogs and I have no idea why.  They love to catch them, play with them, collect them and then beg if they can bring them home.





These guys were pretty cute and incredibly tiny.




The hubby even got to drop his line in and caught a fish.

There is a large mouth bass in that picture...a small one
There is a large mouth bass in that picture…a real small one

Some of us were even brave enough to dip their toes and wade around a bit

ld8Every summer feels like it was the best, and this one truly did not disappoint.  We accomplished so much as a family and have a lot to show for our labors.  Our only complaint is how short it is!


And then it was….THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

The girl begins 5th grade and the boy 3rd.
The girl begins 5th grade and the boy 3rd.



One thought on “The last and the first

  1. You made me cry…sniff, sniff. How is it possible Nadia is in 5th grade? Are you kidding me? She still wears diapers & scoots instead of crawling!! And Aidan is going to fall asleep in my lap at Christmas while I stroke his hair;)

    In the meantime, I’m going to fail Kindergarten the second time around…Jocund had homework today. 20 min. I need three of me, right NOW! I can’t keep this up. I get up at 5:30 and JUST make it out the door at 8:00 & MAYBE I’ve brushed my hair AND my teeth…maybe. I did NINE loads of laundry yesterday & today. NINE! And that was only a weeks worth & I didn’t change the beds. I’m going to Nova Scotia to be a hairless ameba.

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