The weekend whirlwind

And what a weekend it was!  We decided we weren’t ready to end the summer with school starting so we stretched it out with one more full weekend of fun and activity.  In true WI style we saw the full range of weather with the need for AC one day and heat the next!

Saturday the kiddos and I headed out to the Sheep and Wool Festival in Jefferson, WI.  It is a high point for this gal as it is primo fiber fondling at its best!  The festival offered a full day workshop for the kiddos and they got to spend it with one of their dearest friends as well.  What a treat for mama to drop them off at 9 and not have to be back until 4 to pick them up.  They had THE BEST day learning how to knit, weave, felt, dye and a host of other great activities.  They have already declared they want to attend again next year as it was really a great experience.

I immediately headed over to the barn where they have mama sheep ready to pop at any moment.  I missed a birth last year and was bound and determined not to miss one again.  I stayed put for over an hour and boy did it pay off as this ewe gave birth to adorable twins while I was there.


It always is interesting to me when fellow women rally around a mama in the throes of labor.  It doesn’t matter if we are different species or don’t talk the same language…there is an understood respect and silent encouragement that is transferred from one to another. And wow is it exciting to see something come into this world and instantly be so loved.

Here is the same lamb about 10 minutes later all licked and fluffed up….

003Oh but wait…there was still one more in there

006It was about a million degrees this day so after the festival we headed out to a cabin the grandfolks had rented for the week.  Upon arrival we dropped our bags and jumped into the lake.  Refreshing doesn’t even cover it…..

Then the next day…it was cold and overcast all………long……

But that didn’t stop the kids from learning that kayaking is AWESOME!

008And even more awesome when you add cousins!

009011The kiddos were icicles after they came out of the lake…so of course the obligatory cousin bath was needed……when will these kids grow out of this I wonder?


A weekend whirlwind indeed……


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