Cave of the Wow-nds

So here at the ranch we are still adjusting to really only being together one full day a week.  Due to the hubby’s new work schedule we have all day Sunday as well as Monday dinner together as a family.  While none of us would agree that this is ‘ideal’ we definitely are doing as … More Cave of the Wow-nds

Oh my heart

The boy came home from school and left this card out for me to find. Later on he let me know it was an assignment to write a thank you letter to someone I was the very lucky recipient Who knew buying batteries and making meals would have such an effect on him? Next up….teaching … More Oh my heart

Stitchin Son

Our apologies on the radio silence from the Wolowik Ranch. With the change in the seasons and the turning back of clocks we have found ourselves busier than ever. We have been running from one activity to the next and when we do find ourselves at home, there is so much to do! Leaves to … More Stitchin Son