Stitchin Son

Our apologies on the radio silence from the Wolowik Ranch. With the change in the seasons and the turning back of clocks we have found ourselves busier than ever. We have been running from one activity to the next and when we do find ourselves at home, there is so much to do! Leaves to rake, applesauce to make, Christmas presents to finish and homework to complete. Never mind the growing pile of laundry or the dust that sits untouched…..(which is really the only good side effect of the gray days…you just can’t see the darn dust!)

A few weeks ago the boy watched me complete a wall hanging for G&G’s anniversary. It was a lovely autumn scene complete with a tree and about 1000000000 little leaves that I hand-stitched each one down. The boy thought the hanging was the coolest thing ever and really wanted me to make one for his room (but with a dinosaur!) While I was touched by the clear admiration, I politely declined. (Little does the boy know but I have something else up my sleeve for X-mas!)

Fast forward to this week when he asked if he could have a few pieces of felt. I pointed him in the right direction and let him have at it.

An hour later he came back with his own tree trunks cut out as well as 100000000000 leaves and asked if I would thread a needle for him so he could start sewing them down. He declared the wall hanging was for his teacher (Mr. Tim, who is by far the boys favorite person this year!). I obliged and let him get started.

Every Wednesday the boy and I hang out together while the girl attends pre-confirmation classes at our church. There is a lovely spot with rocking chairs and even a fireplace that we settle in for an hour each week. I, of course, bring knitting and we chit chat or we stick in headphones and listen to some music.

This week he insisted he pack his own ‘stitching bag’ (cool mom, I have that Star Wars bag I can use) so he could work on his wall hanging while I knit. I quickly decided he needed to learn how to thread the needle, tie a knot as well as how to finish of the thread when he was done. All of this was learned quickly and off he went…stitching away…..

Don’t worry, this boy is going to know how to sew on a button, knit a scarf and weave material by the time he is 9. If there is a contest for marriage material (ahem, you know who you are) this boy will win hands down!

Aidan stitchin


4 thoughts on “Stitchin Son

  1. Omg! Are you allowed to marry first-nephews? He is so stinkin cute & more capable at 9 than my husband (add 30)!!

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  2. When I was taking care of Kev and Jimmy Kev did some plastic canvas. Drew pictures on then then did the yarn work. In fact one is still in his bedroom, also made mug rugs for his parents. Then he learned how to knit, he is left handed but learned to do that with his right hand. He always said that he wished the crafting classes at school were longer.

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