Where do Pumpkin Pies Come From….part 1

Well this weekend, for not having ANY ‘plans’ was one of the most busy on record.  The sun decided to come out both days which was a charge to the spirit and really kept us going.

First up was the yard needed to be raked.  The kiddos had kept up with the (very small) front yard but the backyard was a whole other story.  All the leaves decided to fall in the past week (which is great!) but you could not even tell we had grass under there.  So for a few hours the kids and I raked and hauled, raked and hauled, raked and hauled, lather rinse repeat….

Then we were off to meet our dear friend the flower lady.  She had displayed her wares at  a local wedding show and let me know she had flowers for us.  She of course filled our car (and I mean FILLED) with every blossom you can think of and our car smelled heavenly.

donna flowersAnd I mean really, we have flowers in just about every room of our house that look like this! (Not to mention our neighbors and friends received a bunch as well!)

Then it was onto EPIC pumpkin puree making.  The flower lady and Mr Green Thumb gave us A LOT of pumpkins awhile ago.  They have been out and about at the ranch decorating our deck for fall but it was time to process them.  They were all pie pumpkins (and organic to boot) so off we went.

First up…ascertain the inventory.

Yup…got a lot of pumpkins (yeah, 4 more were not in this picture…that makes 11 pumpkins)

pumpkin1Then….you must commit pumpkin murder

pumpkin2If you are so inclined, find a nice 8 year boy with muscles to do the heavy scraping

pumpkim3And get ready for the mess of a lifetime….(I just couldn’t bring myself to take a picture of the floor….it was worse…..much much worse)

pumpkin3Then flip and roast at 425 for 45 minutes

I put them out to cool on the deck for a bit before handling….

pumpkin4Then scoop and puree…

pumpkin5And don’t forget to toast up the seeds!

pumpkin6We ended up with about 12 quarts of puree by the end of the (most exhausting) afternoon.  Thank goodness we are in charge of the dessert for Thanksgiving…..I think I see pumpkin in our future!

Think you can only make pumpkin pie with puree?  THINK AGAIN and GET READY TO LIVE! (wink)

We had homemade mac and cheese with the puree used to thicken the sauce and declared in the BEST EVER!  Add it to chili and it will blow your mind!  And I haven’t even gotten to the soups we can make….!!!!

Hip hip hooray for pumpkins!


2 thoughts on “Where do Pumpkin Pies Come From….part 1

  1. To quote Boy #2, “I’m so excited!”

    He is sleeping with the animals. We read the wombat book. Jocund was cracking up. Thanks

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