Cave of the Wow-nds

So here at the ranch we are still adjusting to really only being together one full day a week.  Due to the hubby’s new work schedule we have all day Sunday as well as Monday dinner together as a family.  While none of us would agree that this is ‘ideal’ we definitely are doing as much as we can to make the most of our days together, which also means we pack in a lot!

Sunday morning we busted our buns to get the ‘around the house’ stuff taken care of so we could play in the afternoon.  We hopped in the car around noon and were off.  First up was lunch at Gino’s Italian Deli, and boy we had forgotten how awesome that place is!  Yum yum yummo!

Then we were off to the Cave of the Mounds.  The hubby and I had toured this spot years and years ago (way before kiddos) and we knew the kids were going to love it.  The great thing about our kids is they LOVE going to places like this.  They are super interested in learning new things which really does make it fun for all of us.  We also had an awesome tour guide which made it even better.

COMIt is pretty amazing that a family was living on top of this for over 100 years and a routine blast for limestone opened up a whole other world to them.  Only discovered in the 1930’s one can imagine what it was like to find this in your backyard.

COM 5The kids got to experience 100% pitch darkness which was very cool.

Here…you can see what it was like! 🙂

COM 2Kinda feel like you are right there with us don’t-cha….amazing photography I know!

Then in a particularly ‘drippy’ spot the guide let the kids know they could try to catch drops of water on their tongues.

COM 6It was a great afternoon!


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