Where do pumpkin pies comes from…part 2

A few weeks ago you will remember that I roasted up 10,000 lbs of pumpkins which yielded about 12 quarts of pumpkin puree.  While I lamented the time and mess that ensued, I have to admit it was TOTALLY worth it as we are lovin that orange goodness residing in our freezer.  We have used it in mac and cheese and chili as well as numerous breads and cookies and we are just gettin started.

But of course the REAL reason I made it was because I was in charge of the dessert this past Turkeyday.  I hemmed and hawed over making pumpkin pie….it has never really ‘blown my skirt up’ and I decided a needed a better venue for showcasing the fruits of my labors.

Then Cheesecake came to town.

Now there is something I can rally around and know in heart and my hips it will be fantastic.  AND my favorite food blogger launched a recipe that cinched the deal.  You can get all the recipe specifics here.

The recipe starts out with a ginger snap crust (oh sweet mama….yes!)

pie1Then your onto the filling…..

Find yourself the freshest eggs possible! Yeah…like those 2 shiny ones in the back I just washed as they were laid about 20 minutes beforehand….yup that oughta do it.

pie4Then it’s just a matter of dumping in your ingredients and beatin the bejeezus out of it all:

pie2Pour and bake:



So here’s where I tried something different….something I won’t do again….ever…not ever

I did the the fancy schmancy thing to try and keep the cake from cracking…so I wrapped the bottom of the pan with aluminum foil like I was supposed to…..and baked it in a ‘water bath’ and you know what????  That sonofagun leaked!

I had a bit of a panic attack when I pulled off the aluminum foil and water leaked right on out. (OK, not a bit of anything….I out swore all sailors and then added some new ones)….(relax the kiddos were at school…..but the poor cat learned a few new words that day)

Then I settled down and checked out the cake and realized all was well with the world and there was no harm done.

pie6The few holes in the top are from me checking if the thing was done yet as it ended up baking a half an hour MORE than the recipe called for.

What’s the little pan you ask?  Well, we had to try it out to make sure it wasn’t POISONOUS or anything, right?  I mean THAT is the kind of service I provide in my baking….free poison checking….

I can confirm that all who snarfed down this dessert oohed and aaahed their way through (and probably had it for breakfast the next morning too)!

And here is how I feel about that water bath business.  I have decided whether it is a cheesecake or a butt…..a crack is just part of the deal…..


One thought on “Where do pumpkin pies comes from…part 2

  1. Your most entertaining post to date. Hilarious, yet informative…I recall this was a New Years resolution for 2013…I truly hope you will continue in 2014:)

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