Time to make the donuts

As we find ourselves shoved smack dab into the holiday season, we have had a lot of those ‘time to make the donuts’ moments. Hopefully you remember the commercial I am thinking of with the poor man who wakes up every day and mutters to his wife “time to make the donuts”. Waking up at the Wolowik Ranch immediately greets us with the obligatory list of what needs to be accomplished that day (time to make the donuts).  We are definitely in day by day mode as if I even glimpse too far in the future I break out in a cold sweat.  This past weekend I finally said “WHOA!” and had to have a bit of a re-group.  Somehow I messed up the time for the holiday pageant (frantic call to G&G as well as the hubby).  I threw my hands up and gave up on getting a Christmas tree as all attempts were thwarted…but the hubby pulled through and the kids decked the halls.  Then there is the HUGE self imposed late started knitting X-mas present that has me frantically clickin the needles at any given time to try to complete in time. (Oh hello Mr. Boss, you don’t mind me knitting in this meeting, do you?) (Oh hello officer, no I’m not knitting WHILE I’m driving…just when I’m stopped at a light). (What?!?! Everyone doesn’t take their knitting bag into the bathroom with them??)

And then I really didn’t put two and two together on all the baking commitments we had….

Good thing I have two able bodies kiddos that can help.  And help they did!

First up….let’s make 10000000000000 chocolate covered pretzels.  I only had to buy 2 ingredients and there was no baking involved (kerching!).

pret1With the help of the never ending coffee pot, we set out to cover just about everything in the kitchen in chocolate….and sprinkles.

pret2The good news on the freezing temps is I had a much bigger freezer to help me out.

pret4I am only showing you the sprinkles on the table…..the floor was so gross my poor elderly mother couldn’t possibly take it if I showed you (HA!). But it was worse……so much worse!!!!!

Next up…..saltine cracker toffee for the teacher gift this year.

candy1If you have never tried saltine cracker toffee…..get ready to LIVE!  It is awesome and I am pretty sure the girl ate her weight in crumbs alone.

candy3candy2And finally…the finished product for our fantastic teachers

candy4And now I’m off….to make a stop at the never ending coffee pot….and then make some more darn donuts….


Here is that handsome boy of ours front and center as Shepherd #3 in this years Christmas Pageant…



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