New Winter Olympic Event Announced!

Imagine my surprise when I awoke this morning to pounding on our door.  Even more surprised was I when I realized it was the Olympic judges telling me I qualified for participation in a new Winter Olympic category just announced.

Now it isn’t as sexy and suave sounding as the ‘Team Relay Luge’ or ‘Ski Half Pipe’.  No, no it is much more functional than all that….

It is simply titled…

“Get water to your chickens in a blizzard”.

Wow, I was nervous.  I have been practicing for this event for a few years now, but wasn’t sure I was up to the challenge.  I mean Madison has hundreds of families competing today with new additions joining all the time.  I wasn’t sure I could do it…..would I crack under the pressure?  Would I let my family and my goofy girls down?

First, I needed to understand what was involved.  And as it turned out, the event has multiple parts…each more harrowing than the next.

Step one…fill up 10 gallons of water in the kitchen….then traverse the snow packed steps.

chick5I made it….but just barely.  I lost a few points for water slossage but I didn’t lose hope and I pressed on…more determined than ever.

Next up….Schlep your way through the backyard to the final destination.

I know what your thinking….super easy! This is a ‘gimme’….you can see the finish line from here!

But wait!  The backyard is booby trapped with sleds, snow boards and otherwise forgotten about yard paraphernalia that I could slip, trip and break my neck at any time!

chick4I’m not going to lie to you….it was rough.  I thought I had my course but had to backtrack more than once.  Time was lost, but I stayed on my feet and finally….finally I made it! But the judges informed me, there were others ahead….I was being beat!

Ooooh, and in a crazy turn of events, those darned officials had a late entry to the course.  Build a make shift cover to keep the chickens food from snowing over.

Oh my this was tough…I could only use the tools I had in my arsenal…no further purchases could be made and no other help could be used.

I dug deep and I hit the shed.  My inner Macgiver-ess kicked in and before long I had a tarp and some bungee cords strapped up…and it held!  The judges declared it an amazing feat so late in the event.


And upon crossing the finish line, I checked in with those darned judges….


And would you believe I was the winner?  My medal? Apparently I have to send away for it…but in the meantime a chicken snuggle and a peck on the cheek sealed the deal.



2 thoughts on “New Winter Olympic Event Announced!

  1. This reminds me of growing up on the farm. Winter and chores don’t go well together. Frozen water in the water tank and in the barn. Fixing warm mash for the pigs. Keeping water from icing over for the fowl, chickens and ducks. Neighbors had cows and that was a real battle, have to keep water 24/7 for milk cows they don’t get enough water mild production goes way down. Nice to hear you won the battle this morning. Keep on keepen on and your feathered kids well love you.

  2. You ARE the crazy chicken lady…how’s the afghan coming along? Why can’t you where the clothes now with a cardigan? Do they fit?

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