2013: A Retrospective

Oh 2013, you have been so very good to us.  As I sit reflecting on what our year brought to us I am amazed and humbled by our good fortune.  Did we have hard times and rotten luck?  Yup, but for now I focus my energy on the good…and what a good year it was.

Really, we could have peaked right there in January and called it a year as we had the best news one family can ever receive.  My sissy and her hubby finally made their boys part of a ‘forever family’ and the long road to adoption was finally complete and it was the best day ever!


The dull drum of Feb was spiced up by two awesome rock concerts.

Some of us rocked til we dropped…


While others of us dropped while we rocked….


March saw the Ranch girls complete some pretty daring feats.

The girl brought home a medal of honor for her team’s achievements in Battle of the Books


And mama (with many other brave ladies) checked off “dance mob” on her life list

FlashMobPicApril brought us ‘chick day’ which is one of the happiest days a family can have…

I mean seriously…how can you have a bad day when you have these little ladies peeping in your basement?


Oh, and while we’re on the subject….the basement has to be our crowning glory for Ranch improvements.

We went from this:

IMG_0397To this:

IMG_0250And the Wolowik Ranch cheered with JOY!

April into May was quite the time for the boy.  He had his first communion, and we were so proud

Handsome yet barfy
Handsome yet barfy

And with one of the best birthday parties on the books as he turned 8!

Picture 016June proved to be a heck of a month for the hubby.  First up was the annual camping trip he takes with the kiddos (woops, somehow we missed posting about that).  However if you catch him with 10 minutes of your time, he will whip out the pics and show them to just about anyone.  Needless to say, they had a fantastic time….

002And after much soul searching and countless conversations, the fish monger took a huge leap of faith to follow his dream in becoming a chef.  A few short months later this dream was fully realized and now he’s part of an amazing team cookin for the good people of Mt. Horeb, WI.

Tom pic

July brought our baby girl into double digits (sigh) and celebrations were huge as all the cousins were in attendance:

Nadia 10 2

This summer produced one of the best gardens the ranch has ever seen in the decade we have lived here. (Greatly attributed to all that great chicken Sh*% compost we find ourselves in abundance of)


This corner is pure happiness
This corner is pure happiness

September took the kiddos off the Ranch and back to school

The girl begins 5th grade and the boy 3rd.
The girl begins 5th grade and the boy 3rd.

The first eggs were laid

blue egg

And the best 24 hour vacation was enjoyed


As the temps got chilly, October and November brought us indoors.  Epic cooking was embarked upon….


Family field trips took us into the depths of the earth


And a crazzzzzzzzy Turkeyday exhausted us


Finally we found ourselves on the cusp of the year’s end and we rounded out the month with concerts and pageants….


And a fun-filled family Christmas

20131224-150213.jpgWhew, as I recall our year there is so much more that I didn’t even get to share.  There were fishing trips, knitting triumphs,and so very many awesome meals.

A word to 2014…you have some pretty big shoes to fill.

May you all revel in your 2013 and jump into 2014 with both feet!

Happy New Year, from our Ranch to yours!


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