Idle Hands

OK, so this Winter business is gettin a bit old.  While we are on the gaining side of light, and already I am noticing a difference, the bitter cold needs to pack its bags and head onto other pastures.  This has been the first winter in awhile that it has just been too damn cold to be able to send the kiddos out to play for any length of time.  Couple that with the very small abode we call the Ranch and that dear reader is a recipe for gettin on each others nerves!

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that my motto in life is “sittin time is knittin time” which is great for me…..however…….not so much for the boy and the girl.  I have had to dip down deep into my bag of tricks to keep them from pummeling each other and sending me off to the padded room.

And here’s what I have come up with thus far:

Wall washing

wash2It isn’t glamorous, but boy our house needed it and they kiddos were up for it.

wash1I have fond memories of my own mother making us do this task but it was during the summer months.  It too was (undoubtedly) due to a rainy day and she was at her wits end with us kids.

This occupied 2 weekends as they did such a great job in the living room that I employed them the following weekend to do the kitchen as well.

Word to the wise….put em in opposite corners of the room….it works MUCH better.  They can only annoy each other from a distance which was tolerable for the mama.

Net up, create the biggest picture ever!  Thanks to the Ramona and Beezus movie (which is adorbs by the way…..check it out!)

pic2This occupied over 2 hours one day and they only nominally disagreed about what the picture should be.  Was a definite score!

And finally:

pic3Paint all of the random picture frames I had accumulated black so they might actually match.  Again, was another afternoon of activity that was well received and we actually finished and hung all the pictures.

Now I’m off to have a bit of a chat with mother nature….wish me luck!



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