Let’s hear it for 40!

Today dear reader, I enter a new decade, and I can tell you with absolutely no hesitation that I jump into 40 with both feet and am not lookin back.  I’m truly excited to see what this decade holds for me.

This ‘over the hill’ business called for a Celebration….one that did not disappoint and one that I can honestly tell ya was one of the best days EVER!

It all started with a text from my little sissy in October that read-“Keep Jan 18th open on your calendar”….and up until Jan 17th, that was about all the info that I received.  The day before I got one more piece of info, “Be ready tomorrow at noon with your shoes and jacket on-and be hungry”.

At noon o’clock the sissy train rolled into my driveway and off I was whisked for an afternoon of yum yums and mani pedis.

California sissy even flew in for the weekend….

photo (25)And of course little sissy provided the entertainment

photo (24)That night was like the 3 Picotte sistas gettin ready for the prom.  There was clothing traded and jewelry borrowed.  One curled the others hair while another tested out makeup. It’s lucky we even got out the door…..

Then we were off to the hubby’s restaurant for an evening of girls, girls and more girls…oh and wine.  Yes, lots of wine.

bday5I can tell you I was truly surprised by all the gals that attended, but I will keep that picture for myself.  I never know how people feel getting put on a blog (sorry sissies…you don’t count…you are related and thus I get to plaster your pictures all over the place).  It was overwhelming and humbling to feel the love in the room and I am so glad girls from all corners of my life got to meet one another and share an evening of shear bliss.

And here’s what I have to say to 40…..Bring. It. On.  I have a band of warrior queens by my side….and there ain’t nothin you can throw at us that we can’t handle!


2 thoughts on “Let’s hear it for 40!

  1. Happy, happy, happy day, Dear Friend. I’m pleased to report that you share your birthday with a bouncin’ baby…..ram lamb! If there were a masculine version of “Heather” we’d consider it as a name for him, but, alas, there’s none.

  2. Belated Happy Birthday Heater!! I remember being 40 and that was 27 1/2 years ago. Remember age is just a number, I may move older then what I am but I know my thoughts are a hell of a lot younger then what I am. Sounds like you welcomed it royally.

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