Knit or Bust

So I have been waiting patiently to deliver the X-Mas recap FOREVER and it seems like the last 3 recipients and I will never be in the same room…SO I took matters into my own hands and shipped the last remaining gifts out so I can finally post this!

I love love love knitting for gifts and this year I added my 3 partners in crime to the mix and whipped up sweaters for each as well as for The Girl.

I happened to find a pattern that I loved the results and have now knit it 5 times (of course starting with one for myself.  I mean I needed to test it out right?)  Can’t wait to see all their smiling faces in warm yum yums!

photoNext up…The Boy couldn’t be left out, right?  It has been a few years since I knit him a sweater and I realized why I haven’t done it.  Because the darn kid keeps growing!  Good lord, if this continues I will have to switch to vests as the sleeves alone took forever.  The funny thing about this sweater is I had him keep trying it on as I was knitting it to make sure it was fitting correctly.  I told him a co-worker hired me to knit it and it was for a boy about his age.  Was very cute when he opened it and realized what I had done.  I may never be able to replicate the deceptive nature of that one again.

photo (22)

Then it was onto my work Secret Santa.  I can’t possibly not knit a gift for this exchange but I was under the gun with a HUGE project going on at the same time (see below).  Luckily my knitty partner in crime gifted me some lovely bulky grey yarn that I was able to quickly whip up some thick mittens….We could ALL use a pair these days of the polar vortex!

mittenJust so you don’t think I haven’t forgotten about my sewing machine, there were a few of those projects squeezed in as well.

Apparently 4 and 5 are the age that Star Wars works its way into little boys brains.  The California boys are ALL IN when it comes to Yoda and Vader and so I appliqued some t-shirts.  We won’t discuss their mama’s rationale for who got what…but let’s just say it took her .000012 seconds to decide who was more deserving of the dark side.

006Then I got the call telling me of a new born who couldn’t last a winter without a new quilt to welcome him into the world….Good thing I had my girlie crafty weekend so I could whip this up.  Yes, I agree….he clearly needed his new quilt! (and an Auntie to wrap him up and lull him to sleep)

P1000180-2And last but not least was the all consuming, mother of all gifts I should have NEVER thought I could finish in such a short amount of time!  Life as the Wolowik Ranch knew it went on hold as I knit knit knit to get in done by X-mas.  And on the 23rd I took it off my needles and called in done.  There was something about it that I just knew it was going to be spectacular and really it is.  Unfortunately my camera took horrible pictures so you can’t see truly how lovely it is…..or how damn big it is.  It almost covered the top of our queen sized bed if that gives you some understanding.  Each square took me on average 1 hour to complete and there are 100 squares…..over 250,000 stitches on this bad boy!!  Knitting for Milwaukee G&G can sometimes be difficult (Ewww, wool is so scratchy….yikes it’s too hot…I don’t wear hats…blah blah blah) but there were no complaints and Papa declared it the nappy blanket.  I take that as a compliment……

photo 1 (40)And now I’m off onto new adventures in wool…stay tuned for new developments!


2 thoughts on “Knit or Bust

  1. You have been busy girl. Love the wool “nappy blanket”. And taking photos of knitted things don’t do justice to the colors, I know some of mine don’t look close to the color that they actually are. GOOD JOB!!! Pat yourself on the back but don’t strain your arm, don’t want to hurt it so you can’t knit.

  2. Heather, your out-put makes it seems you have a factory going there. Wow! They’re much nicer than factory made, however. The sweaters, the blankets, the mittens–Wow, again–what lucky friends and family you have! (I know you what fun you are having–I’m all with you on making gifts :))

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