You spin me right round baby….

Greetings from what can only be described as the epicenter of the winter vortex.  It has been so cold for so long, you realize you are getting used to it when you go out to start your car in the morning and note how warm 8 degrees feels….and when we hit 20 this weekend it felt darn near balmy.

The good news is this horrifically cold weather makes for excellent knitting time…but really I will give you the same justification if it is rainy/sunny/snowy/cloudy….doesn’t really matter…

However, I am finding my knitting time has been thrown a curve ball recently.  I have found a new activity that is keeping my knitting at bay and drawing my attention elsewhere….and is only furthering my love affair with all things fiber related.

Enter in…the spinning wheel…..


(That is the sounds the angels make each time I think of my new found love)

wheelThank goodness for Craigslist and my friend MJ’s course in shrewd online negotiation tactics…which completely and totally work by the way. As I found out, spinning wheels are friggin expensive…and they do not lose their value whatsoever (which is awesome if you are the seller…not so much when you are the buyer).  I was able to negotiate a pretty sweet deal and brought home this wheel which had never had so much as an inch of yarn spun on her.  After the hubby and I completely took her apart and put her back together (correctly) and got to know her a bit I was ready to give her a whirl.

And I figured out pretty quickly I had no idea what the heck I was doing…..

Quick….does MJ also offer a course in spinning wheel tactics?  I checked her course registry and by golly…she does! (that MJ is pretty much a shoe in for any course you want to take…bread makin, cheese makin, yogurt makin, baby sheep makin, chick makin, and now…yarn makin).

So off I went to MJ’s with wheel in tow and she got me all squared away and got me a spinnin.  Really it was love at first spin and I realized I was hooked.

And I made this:

yarnNot bad, right?  However, it is the scratchiest yarn EVER! (Recently a kid in the boy’s class asked me if it could be used as a back scratcher when I read them a story about yarn and brought some show and tell)…hmmmm…..back scratcher…..not exactly what I was going for…though at least now I know what to use it for…that…or pan scrubber…yup would work pretty well for that too.

So I really wanted to spin with some nicer fiber but I was too nervous of ruining anything…so off I went to take a proper course in all things spinning.  And boy……have I learned a ton!  And I have some fruits of my labors to show off.  In the past week I have created…….


photo (26)That is my first legitimate…gonna knit with it…its soft cause its merino wool most lovely yarn created EVER!

Did I mention that I am hooked?


4 thoughts on “You spin me right round baby….

  1. So awesome! I am so happy to see your birthday gift from the friends and family is not only beautiful but useful too! Congrats on the new skill!

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