Curl up and Dye

So it is STILL cold in Wisconsin…I mean like 18 degrees in the morning…hafta start your damn car in the morning and let it run cause there’s frost on the windshield cold. I needed to heat things up….so what else could I do this weekend but turn up the tunes…dance…..and DYE in the kitchen! I … More Curl up and Dye

The Domino Effect

So sometimes….just sometimes dear reader…the dominoes actually fall in our favor.  This doesn’t happen often, but when it does I offer my thanks to the universe that we were blessed with a few great days. Saturday morning I called up my fellow thrifty shopper-work friend and asked her if she wanted to join the kiddos … More The Domino Effect

King for a Day

Greetings from Madison, WI…where the snow is still deep and the temps still negative… Sigh…. This past weekend brought some excitement, however, as we hosted our silly nephews for a night.  We will not be able to celebrate the big brother’s bday this year as they will be in sunny Arizona!  So we decided to … More King for a Day