King for a Day

Greetings from Madison, WI…where the snow is still deep and the temps still negative…


This past weekend brought some excitement, however, as we hosted our silly nephews for a night.  We will not be able to celebrate the big brother’s bday this year as they will be in sunny Arizona!  So we decided to host them and have our own Wolowik Ranch festivities!

First up…get them kids outside and tire them out!  So off we went to Tenney Park for some outdoor ice skating.

The was the boy’s FIRST TIME ice skating and boy did he LOVE it!

012Little boys got ice skates for Christmas this year and they have gotten really really good.  That didn’t stop them from having a ball with the ‘walkers’ however.


Of course no ice skating is complete without the hot cocoa!

015All in all this was a brilliant idea if I do say so myself.  The kids skated for over 2 hours and would have stayed longer if I didn’t hustle them in.  If it had been mid December, really it was quite the idyllic scene (snow gently falling….lots of people skating).  But come on folks, it is MARCH!!!!!  Ice should be thawing…not growing!!!

Then we all mosied on home to get dinner ready.  In a pre-birthday phone call it was determined that spaghetti and meatballs were the dinner du jour.  So the birthday boy got to roll up his sleeves and learned how to make the yummiest, gooshiest meatballs there are!

022026And then he ate 3 plate fulls…….

027Which was clear when I asked to see his belly afterwards

030Then it was time for movies and cake

033It was a pretty awesome day!  Smooches to our just about 6 year old toothless wonder!


One thought on “King for a Day

  1. OMG, you are ice skating in March!! I’m at the park and had to move into the shade because its too hot in the sun. But, I did find a rattlesnake in the play area at the park by our house yesterday…bet that never happens in WI!! Hope ur feeling better!

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