The Domino Effect

So sometimes….just sometimes dear reader…the dominoes actually fall in our favor.  This doesn’t happen often, but when it does I offer my thanks to the universe that we were blessed with a few great days.

Saturday morning I called up my fellow thrifty shopper-work friend and asked her if she wanted to join the kiddos and I on a trek out to one of our favorite St. Vinnys.  She replied with “pick me up at 10” and we were off.

Now in my head I really had it planned that I was going to find a new couch that day.  It was going to not only be hardly used but also fit AND match our living room. One might say I manifested said couch (ahem).

So we arrived at our destination and off all of us went to various corners.  I went over and picked up some shirts and pants for the boy who seems to never stop growing.  I continued to meander here and there picking up treasures along the way….and then I rounded the corner and saw it.

Wow, it was a really nice couch.  I sat on it….hmmmmm…firm….much firmer than our current dilapidated version.  Then I lifted up the cushion (the true tell tale sign of the state of a couch in my book) and there wasn’t a crumb…a spec…of…..anything!  Then I lifted up the whole thing to inspect the bottom and it was…like it was brand freakin new!


Now, it was a 3 piece sectional and my co-hort felt VERY strongly that it wasn’t going to fit in our living room.  But out she whipped her trusty tape measure and off we went to see if that darn thing would fit. (But really in my heart I knew it would……..)

And hot damn! We measured and remeasured the living room and it was confirmed it would fit…quite perfectly.  Then the wild hair grew out from you know where grew and I decided I needed to get that couch home THAT DAY.

And wouldn’t you know, it was just really meant to be.  Off I went to rent a U-Haul and I was in and out in 4 minutes.  The kiddos and I were able to get our couch and loveseat out of the house without too much pomp and circumstance and a kind neighbor helped us load it up.  Off the boy and I went to drop off the old and pick up the new.  The boy found driving in a truck (especially one that his mama was driving) to be quite a hoot….so I may have taught him the questionable truckin phrase of ‘haulin a$$’.  Eh, we were!

Off we dropped the old disgusto couch and picked up the new which the kiddos and I along with another kind neighbor were able to load into our living room with no problems.

Needless to say…the hubby had quite a surprise waiting for him that night when he arrived home.

couch I realize most of you have no idea what the ‘before’ looked like, but trust me…this is a BIG improvement…and soooo much more seating!  Stay tuned on the new rug that is currently making its way to our house….If I don’t get outside soon so help me the whole interior of the ranch is getting overhauled…I CAN’T BEING COOPED UP ANYMORE!

Sunday we decided to get the heck outta dodge and take a road trip to Monroe, WI.  We had recently watched a ‘cheese’ special on the Travel channel that featured a restaurant that we hadn’t heard of so we thought we would check it out.

As my hubby said once we were seated “there couldn’t be a place farther up my alley”.

So the restaurant is called Baumgartners and it is worth the trip over to check out.  It’s pretty low key with a simple menu chocked full of all the things the Wolowik’s hold dear.  Cheese, sausage (braunschweiger no less!) and home made chili….and beer…..lots and lots of it.

Baum1(Interesting Wolowik trivia….the hubby told me he knew I was ‘the one’ when I informed him I love braunschweiger so much I could eat it like an apple……ah……now there’s a love story for ya!)

We did not, however, partake in the Limburger…cripes we had over an hour drive together….no one needs THAT funk in a car ride!

Baum3Need less to say, it was a GREAT weekend!

Sometimes, when the dominoes fall in just the right way, you have to thank your lucky stars that it happened.  Cause you know there is a day where the polar opposite is going to happen….like today….when we woke up to find someone drove their car into our mailbox/post last night and boy we had quite a mess this morning….but I digress….I will bask in the goodness of this weekend for just a bit longer…..





3 thoughts on “The Domino Effect

  1. Geez! I need a new couch, love seat, ottoman & recliner. Could you work in that for me? I was literally at the fabric/furniture refinished today looking at fabric wondering how I will ever afford to replace/fix up my cat-scratched furniture…

    Looks nice!

    Cheese place looks ‘so WI’…in the best way. I’m sick, in bed…which NEVER happens…so home looks good. I actually wish it was cold so I could just cuddle in and sleep & sleep. Spring is sprung here and my allergies are compounding everything and it was HOT here today which I’m not ready for, particularly w/ a fever:(

    Ok, I’ll stop griping. I hate being sick:(

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