Slowly but Surely

Well, I think I am confident in saying that Spring is almost here…well, just about here….um, kinda here…..We seem to get bits and pieces but yet I still seem to have to run the heat in my car in the morning…but I finally took my mittens out of my purse.  Yup, that is probably what was holding Spring up…my mittens…so we are good to go.

At least we have been able to take the yard cleanup at a steady pace since there is no planting to be done yet.  The kiddos and I got the raking done a few weeks ago when Spring peaked her head out for a half day. (Oh and I got to hang my sheets out on the line….dear lord is there anything more glorious than sleeping in sun soaked sheets?  The boy and I confirmed you can most definitely SMELL SUNSHINE!)

Last weekend we had some semi-nice weather albeit breezy and I decided it was the perfect time to paint our outdoor furniture.

11 years ago when we moved to the ranch a dear friend of ours gifted us her iron furniture and while I attempted to paint it once, I ran out of steam and it has sat mostly unpainted for the better part of a decade.

It is a GREAT set of furniture but has SO MANY pieces (6 chairs, 2 tables and a loveseat) I had the great idea of having a auto body shop paint it, but making 10000000 trips hauling back and forth didn’t really trip my trigger. (I still think this is a great idea and may pursue in the next decade)

Here are what the chairs looked like before:

furn6Here was the ‘peanut gallery’ who watched the whole thing unfold and let me tell you, they had some comments all along the way.

Yup, they claimed front row seats, got all nice and comfy and then kept saying “you missed a spot”.

furn7And here they are in all their glory:

furn8Yup, I went with bold color and turquoise seems to be a fav these days (paired with orange and red, it is really really lovely).

When I lamented to a co-worker on painting all the pieces…”oh it is going to take sooo long”…and “oh I am so whiney because of it all”….she wisely proclaimed “paint a few and do the rest later”. Well yeah, why the heck didn’t I think of that?  So I did 4 chairs and a table.  And for now, that is just fine.

Also a new edition to the deck is this lovely beauty that I found on a thrifting spree….reclaimed barnwood, door handles and such had me at hello….


And this beauty is ready for summer cocktails!

furn3Let me tell ya folks….the deck is shapin up to be an ever greater spot than it was last year.  Bring it on Summer!


2 thoughts on “Slowly but Surely

  1. I agree, one can smell sunshine, especially in sheets. Your deck is looking great. I bet you, Talented Girl, sewed the chair cushions. I love the bird house.

  2. I doubt if we are going to have a spring. Go right into summer. Doing my flower shopping later today. Have my list and naturally I’ll over buy.

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