Last Year in Single Digits

Today marks the day the boy turns 9, and thus we begin our last year with kiddos in single digits.  This realization leaves the hubby and I scratching our heads wondering where the time has gone and how these kids have gotten so BIG!  We just recently watched videos from when the boy turned 1 and oh how things have changed.

Here is what I can tell you about this boy of ours.  He is just one of those kids that everyone wants to be around.  He is FUNNY (oh so funny…I mean seriously really funny) and such a helper I am not sure what we (or the chickens) would do without him.  He is incredibly chill and as a result the cat is generally found in the vicinity of him. He is smart as a whip …just quiz him on his multiplication facts…..!!!!  All in all, he sure is a cool dude so we wanted to make sure we squeezed as much as we could out of turning 9…..

First up…a roller skating party with some friends from school.

The boy learned how to ice skate this winter and was HOOKED, so it didn’t take him long to get the gist of roller blading.

010The girl went all ‘old school’ and got her some roller skates, which made her about 6 feet tall

006The kids had such a fun time and it really took me back to roller skating in grade school with my friends.  I mean seriously, isn’t this what YOU remember? Disco lights, people whirring past you while Thriller is blaring?


Next up was a party at the house attended by friends and family galore.

There were cousins by the dozens


And family and friends mixed together

030The adults took to the shade where beer beer and beer was consumed (it was darn hot that day) along with lots and lots of yum yums

033It was so darn hot the kids had to cool off

039036035037And there was even a secret meeting of the kiddos that put together a play for the adults

041I can’t tell you exactly everything that happened in the play, but I confirm it was great and hilarious and we were all thoroughly entertained.

048051053But the best part was seeing this kid so happy to turn 9.

Happy Birthday dear boy of ours!



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