For the Love of June

I think I have decided that June is officially my favorite month. Who doesn’t love a nice sunny, breezy 70-ish day?  I feel like I have boundless energy and so much finally gets done in June.  In WI we have had some extreme weather as of late but really what it has equated to is rain, then sunshine….rain, then sunshine….which means the garden is exploding with life and growth!

Here is a recap in pictures of what we have been into the past month.

This is one of the garden boxes that we put in a month ago on Mother’s Day….

IMG_0365And here it is now:

IMG_0402Here are the tomatoes on the day we put them in:

IMG_0366One month later:

IMG_0407All I can say is…chicken sh*^ compost is worth its weight in gold when it comes to the garden!

Here is a peek at my favorite corner on the deck….it just makes me so darn happy

IMG_0399This tuberous begonia is one of the most spectacular flowers I have ever had

IMG_0396The boy and I set up a ‘keep out the chickens’ area in the backyard as they just scratch the poor hostas into the ground….and they love to fling mulch with wild abandon which drives me batty.

IMG_0412In addition to spending lots of time in the garden, the boy, girl and I participated in the Race for the Cure a few weeks ago.

The girl joined the girls running club at her school and they trained to complete this race…which she did!  The boy and I walked with my work team and really had a great time.


Then a few weeks later, the girl graduated from 5th grade and is now officially in MIDDLE SCHOOL!


Then onto this past weekend’s extravaganza……the Summer Solstice Celebration.  How we have lived on the east side of Madison for 11 years and never attended this is beyond me as it fully encompasses all the wonderful quirkiness of our dear city.

The celebration begins with a ‘procession of the species’ which of course is lead by none other than Charles Darwin.

IMG_1661IMG_1662IMG_1658IMG_1652The evening was spent with friends and a lovely picnic and then rounded out with a HUGE bonfire all while drumming and dancing.  I can think of no better way to usher in summer!

And then Sunday we took things down a notch and spent the afternoon fishin and knittin


And it is with a sigh and yawn that we tumble into Monday……

Hope you are all finding June as magical as we are



2 thoughts on “For the Love of June

  1. Yours is a cheerful blog–you’re a girl after my own heart. I’d know just by reading a single line, “my favorite corner on the deck….it just makes me so darn happy” . Stay happy! Keep enjoying that pretty corner of your deck, your chickens, the weather, your knitting, and your family. And keep writing!

  2. Great photos and enjoy your comments. I have a hunch you would be a good “teller of stories on paper”. Enjoy the rest of the summer. With our daily rain keeping things watered isn’t a problem for anyone.

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