Greeting from seriously the most gorgeous July on record.  Again, we have been blessed with mid 70’s breezy beautiful days that it just puts such a zip in my step.  I mean seriously…the 4th of July was in the low 70’s…… makeup didn’t melt off my face for the first time in YEARS!

Now, if someone could maybe do something about the abominable mosquitoes in our yard…..jeez they are just thick this year.

The kiddos have been thankfully quite busy thus far this summer.  They did their yearly camping trip with the hubby and it was so much fun to hear them re-tell their tales when they returned.  Someday I will hopefully be able to coax the man into guest blogging about their trips….

Then the kiddos went and spent a week with the grandparents in the southern part of the state.  They had a ball and got lots and lots of attention and again had stories galore of all their fun.  In a few weeks they head to grandma and papa’s up north where no doubt they will be busy busy busy.

So when we finally found ourselves with an afternoon at home, I got the ‘we’re so bored’ blah blah blah

So I had to come up with a plan to find myself some sanity….and get the kids out of my hair….

And boy did I hatch a plan…..

“How about you paint a mural on the side of the storage shed?” I asked them.


“Um, really??” they replied.

“Yes, absolutely!”

No one sees this side of the shed except for us and I thought it would be fun for them to plan out and paint, and would give us some color during the ucky winter months.

The great thing about paint these days is you can go to the hardware store and for a few bucks they will mix up tester pots of any color you want… we were off to the races……and some poor high school kid got to mix up a lot of paint…..

The girl planned everything out… 1.

Then the fun began….

photo 2

And of course everyone decided they needed to get on on the action…

Check out the tooties on this pretty lady
Check out the tooties on this pretty lady


And WOW! Now we have water front property…with a VIEW!

photo 4photo 3Hope there have been lots of sunsets to your days as well!



3 thoughts on “Painting

  1. What a great painting for the shed. It fits in so well with all the other decour especially the 4 ladies. So one decided to get her nails done, looks like a little more practice is needed in that area.

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