A Contest You Say??

Greetings friends and Happy Friday!

We have had the lovely ladies in our yard for a few years now and I can say with all honesty, I never grow tired of the daily surprise in finding out how many eggs they have laid. Everyday when I get home from work I greet the family, change my shoes and instantly go outside to greet my girls and check on the eggs.

Most of the time they are done laying by the afternoon, but every so often there is a late layer….. (She may have given me the ole stink eye when I opened the coop and told me to buzz off..or maybe it was chicken swearing…)

Amelia...wanting some alone time
Amelia…wanting some alone time

And it is always comforting to know that on the nights that you really just can’t bring yourself to plan and execute a decent dinner……

There are always eggs and toast…..


Since our first group of ladies I have always kept track of the number of eggs we collect and keep a running total…..Which brings me to the…..


Here’s what you need to do…..

Leave a comment on the blog page with your guess on how many eggs our current batch of ladies have laid.  Here are your only clues:

  • they started laying last September
  • there are four hens

If you are local, the winner will receive a ‘wolowikranch’ dozen of eggs (which is 11…not 12…cause that’s the way we roll….and we tend to run one egg short of a dozen round these parts)

If you are not local, I’ll send you something from the ranch.  If you are a knitter…it may be some handspun yums yums.  If you’re not a knitter….well….there may be something a little bit wrong with you…..but you will get something equally cool from the ranch in the mail.

Let the guessing begin! I’ll post the winner on Monday!



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