Greetings! Hope you all are enjoying this slow (and let’s keep it that way) slide into Fall.  I am squeezing every lovin minute of being outside for as long as I can!

The late summer has brought many guests to the Wolowikranch and we are just thrilled to be able to entertain and enjoy so many people’s company.

When it really gets down to it, we truly love having people over but  the hubby and I thankfully enjoy completely different aspects.

I love the table setting! I have since I was a kid when my mom would let me decide what tablecloth to use. She let me get out the good china and silverware, and once I was older…decide how to creatively fold the napkins. For me it is the most exciting part!

For the hubby, it is all about the food.  He will pour over magazines, books and shows.  He will practice and experiment.  We will have some of the most enlightening and awesome conversations ever. And, oh the food, the food will be soooo good.

So here I present to you a day in the life….told to you in pictures….





4 thoughts on “Entertainment

  1. What a wonderful evening! Thank you so much for the great dinner, and ambiance…..it was so perfect! Enjoyed seeing the pictures of all the preparations, and the results! Good luck in your endeavor.

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