Closing Time

It is with a heavy heart that I declare our dear garden mostly closed for the season.  I have hopes that a few more squash will make it into the kitchen and perhaps a handful of tomatoes will still garnish a meal but for the most part it has run its course.  That isn’t to say there wasn’t a flurry of activities this weekend to get the beds ready for winter.

First up, I had a sudden urge to plant garlic.  We haven’t ever planted and for what reason, I have no idea.  We go through (in my estimation) thousands of pounds of heads of it every year…why shouldn’t we grow our own?

A Saturday morning trip to our favorite local Farmer’s Market was quickly planned and the kids and I were off.

IMG_0712First up, break apart the cloves, but keep the paper on them.  I have it on good authority that it is recommended that you plant only the largest of cloves so I separated out any smaller cloves as well as those that came partially unwrapped. Stay tuned for a delicious recipe that I used those little darlings on….

IMG_0720Then plant each clove 4″ apart. It is really as easy as that.  I think the hardest part for us will be to remember that they are at the far end of this box.  And a lot of them at that.  The last remaining step will be to cover with compost for winter-and I just read that maple leaves make great compost. Yahoo! Will be raking the leaves into the boxes this year!

I’ve also read garlic thrives in nitrogen rich soil, which is great as we have an abundance of nitrogen rich chicken poop that would just love to be deposited somewhere.

It was a great year in the garden. I am sad to see it over, but already have plans for next year!



One thought on “Closing Time

  1. I dumped my fushia and begonias monday morning, they were dry so the dirt came out of the pots very nicely. Only thing left one pot of coleus in front of the garage. If you have more garlic then what you know what to do with, I’ll gladly help you out. I’m partial to the stuff myself, which explains the absense of vampires at my place.

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