Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Years and years ago…many many apartments ago…in a time when I had leisurely daily engagements with Martha Stewart…I was instructed on the best recipe for roast chicken. Due to the butter content and the fact that I rarely cook large dinners, it does not make an appearance often…but when it does…oh the family rejoices.

I have made a few modest modifications so here goes:

IMG_0740Should you find yourself with a nice bowl of garlic garden castaways, this is a great way to use them up.  Chop up a bunch of cloves and then zest a lemon while your at it. Dump that into a bowl of room temperature butter.  (I used 4 Tbsp…because I had a really big chicken NO JUDGEMENT!) Then chop up whatever fresh herbs you have lying around….I used rosemary but you can easily use thyme, oregano, basil, etc.

Then, using your greatest swedish chef voice, massage the chicky bok bok with that magic potion.

Pierce the remaining lemon many many times and then ceremoniously shove that lemon right on up in there.

IMG_0744A chicken of this size took about 2 hours at 350 degrees. (What size is that chicken you ask? I have no idea…I forgot to look at the package but if I had to guess I would say 3 lbs)

And in a very unblogworthy brain cramp, I forgot to take a picture of the done bird. (Crap) But know this, it crisps up and is without a doubt one of the best ways to enjoy roast chicken. Coupled with mash potatoes and some delightful garden squash it was a real crowd pleaser. (In an even worse unblogginess of it all, I made giblet gravy for the first time……and it was so fantastic…and I didn’t take pictures of any of it.  But know this…you can make chicken gravy with RED wine and it still turns out spectacular….I mean slather it on everything…want to make lipgloss out of it SPECTACULAR!)


One thought on “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

  1. Giblet Gravy? With Red Wine? Please tell your kitchen challenged friend more. This sounds like a recipe I want to try. shoving a lemon up a chicken’s butt is a reason to cook in my world. Fun and games folks. Fun and games!

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