For the Love of June, part 2

Only once before have I ever been so excited to share a blog post. In January 2013 our extended family officially welcomed two boys to my sissy’s home.

Today dear reader, my sissy and hubby add a third, and I am just so excited to introduce you to Junie.


It is a wonder that this little girl’s feet ever touch the ground with how much she is doted and loved on. She is the most agreeable and happy child and just goes from one activity to another with not so much as a fuss.

IMG_1804She has the teeniest, tiniest nose that she loves to do ‘dragon breath’. This may be my screen saver at work…..


The boy and girl have been smitten since day one. The girl and I have had some very serious conversations on who has been holding Junie too long and whose turn it is and to stop hogging the baby.





Everyone truly loves this little girl to pieces, so it is with great excitement we welcome her to this crazy family. We love you dear Junie.


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