Back in the Saddle Again

Hi there and Happy New Year! Our apologies on the radio silence from ranch the past few months. Between the holidays, the darkness, the cold…finding the ambition to blog has been a struggle. But we are BACK! And we did it in grand fashion this weekend as we decided…if we can’t beat winter…well then we better join it!

So off we went to our very first ice fishing competition.

We were actually pretty lucky as it was not ‘that cold’ ( I think it was 10 degrees…balmy by WI standards) and there was little to no wind.

First up, we were greeted by a friendly group of fishin dudes who wanted to know if the kids were fishing. We declared ‘of course’ and the kids were immediately gifted new ice fishing rod kits. As you can see…they were surprised and amazed……

IMG_2154 Then we walked about 100000000 miles (ok maybe a half mile….but seriously when you are wearing all that cold weather gear plus winter boots that weight about 50 lbs a piece…it felt like MUCH longer) until we found the ‘right’ fishing spot.

Then, it is every man, woman and child for themselves. Everyone gears up their own rods and scoops their own hole (no whining allowed either).



The good news is we do have our very own professional ‘hole driller’…however he is very willing to turn over the task to the boy any day now. (28 cranks=about 14″ of ice….it was plenty thick)


Then the excitement began……….and we all stood around our holes and caught a gazillion fish


Scratch that….we actually froze our a$$es off and declared it too cold after not catching ANYTHING

BUT! We came back in at just the right time…..and there were TONS of games for the kiddos to play…and win

First up…transport popcorn from one end to the other.

On your mark, get set….go!


Then it was walk like a crab with a bobber between your knees


The boy won and walked away with a really really really nice ice rod.

Then they dumped a TON on change into a pile of sawdust and the kids got to go crazy.



At this point of the day, the winds had picked up and it was darn cold. So cold, the girl’s hands were frozen into a claw…..but she kept pickin.

So cold in fact the hubby gave me his hat and scarf…yes, I am wearing 2 hats I am so cold.


All in all we had the most fantastic day together. The hubby and I got to warm up with spicy bloody mary’s and the kiddos made lots of new friends. We all commented that night how we all had smiles plastered on our faces all afternoon long.

And that dear friend is the mark of a perfect day.


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