Can opened…worms everywhere

Greetings to you on this fine winter day. I am so excited for Spring this year that I have become rather obsessive in my garden planning. Oh new boxes are going to go in, and seeds will be started soon (oh yay! I just can’t wait to actually PLANT something!!!) Have I mentioned my new love of seed catalogs? Oh my the possibilities….the good news is I started with A LOT of seeds I wanted to order but pared it down to a much more manageable amount. And now I swoon at the sight of the packages… diggity I just can’t wait!

All this planning got me really thinking about fertilizer. I do a ton of container gardening and it become abundantly clear last summer that everything needed a bit of fertilizer. I hate hate hate putting any sort of chemicals in our garden (and we don’t) but we were fresh out of ‘black gold’ compost and the chicken poop is too hot to put right on anything. So I broke down and….eeeeeeekkkkkkk…bought the bad stuff from the store. And of course it worked in spades on my flowers and everything continued on just fine really. But deep down I vowed not to do that again.

The hubby and I have watched show after show about this really great guy in Milwaukee and his awesome compost. (I vow to visit his operation this summer!!!) Anyhoo, as I considered ordering his worm compost to brew my own fertilizer ‘tea’ it got me thinking…why the heck can’t I set up my own worm composter?

And boy….if you google that….the can of worms pops right on open…and you are off to the worm races.

And what I found out is…it is really really easy to do this…and it costs very little.

(And no mom, our basement is not going to smell like worms…or garbage……..I knew I needed to address that right away)

First up…get two opaque plastic bins (cause worms don’t really like light).

Guess what? Every store has them clearanced right now…SCORE!

These are a lovely green color…though they are a bit more translucent than they probably should have been. Luckily our basement is pretty dark anyways so I think we are fine.

IMG_0872Next up…bedding. Apparently worms really like paper and cardboard. Good thing we seem to have that kinda stuff laying around our house all the time.


We had a huge amount of paper in a recent shipment…Into the container it went along with some water to soak it all down. (Worms like a ‘damp’ environment don’t cha know)

IMG_0876Yup…get it really wet.

Then squeeze out as much water as you possibly can and fluff it back up.

IMG_0878Oooh, that is some lovely fluffy wet paper isn’t it?

Then I put in a couple layers of damp cardboard for fun…along with….get this…..


Yup just sprinkled some dirt right on in there. Worms are a lot like chickens as they also have a gizzard and need some roughage to grind up their food…so in went the dirt.

Then I added some organic material for them to chomp on… grounds and tea bags are much loved by these little squirmie wormys…as well as vegetable and fruit stuffs.

The last part was to add the little guys to their happy new home.


And in a few months, I will have my own worm casting (that’s a nice word for poop) tea for my lovely plants.

Oh and….we will never have to buy bait ever again! Brilliant I say!


2 thoughts on “Can opened…worms everywhere

  1. Sounds as if you are having fun with your worm project, Heather. Our daughter-in-law has had containers of worms for many years. The results include no bad smells, just good plant food (and a good destination for some kitchen waste). Happy gardening!

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