Bracing for the storm

Greetings from the winter wonderland that is Southeastern WI. We received a good walloping yesterday and are still somewhat in ‘dig out’ mode. We can’t really complain as it was Feb 1 and it was our first real snowstorm of the year but how quickly one is reminded of how fun shoveling horrible shoveling is….sigh…..

Since we knew we weren’t going to get out much on Sunday, we spent Saturday morning out and about in the fresh air.  We got skunked the week before and the hubby was pretty insistent that we give the ole ice fishin rods another crack to try and stock pile up some more fish in the freezer.

Let me be absolutely clear about something if you are not from north of the mason-dixon line…..if it is January…and the day is bright, sunny and clear….you can be darn sure it is frickin freezing outside.

Enter in exhibit A:


I will not be so crass as to compare the day to a portion of a witch’s anatomy….but trust me…the sentiment was there.

That being said, never has a cup of hot chocolate been more welcomed…or functional as a hand warmer!


We added something new to the ice fishing trip…which included tip ups. The kiddos have never seen them in action, so they received a course in baiting and rigging them up.

Of course the most exciting part is fishing the minnow out of the bucket.



And really that is where the excitement ended as the tip ups never actually went up…or off…or whatever the right terminology is.


The boy and I were the only ones to actually catch something that day. It ended up the boy-8; mama-4….which it turns out is just enough for superbowl ice fishin sliders…


IMG_2231Did I mention it was cold? Thank goodness for balaclavas!


Sunday we woke up to snow…though not a ton.  But then it just kept snowing and snowing and snowing…all day long in fact.

So we hunkered in….and as it turns out….it was the perfect day to………….


All afternoon long in fact.





Oh what a lovely weekend….

Stay tuned…next weekend it is a birthday celebration with our WI nephews…..a wild rumpus is sure to take place at the ole’ ranch…..


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