Love, Auntie and Uncle

Greetings to all from what can only be called a jam packed weekend.  I slid into Monday grasping the largest cup of coffee the world could find me.

I have lots to report on but first I need to have a public service announcement. This is something that I think every blogger posts about at some point and I think it is my turn.

Through the magic of blogging one can create a life that appears from outside to be pretty darn wonderful.  One that may leave a reader rolling their eyes and thinking, ‘cripes, doesn’t anything ever go wrong?’

I can assure you with all the confidence I can muster that things do indeed go very very wrong at the ole Wolowik ranch. Appliances break, kids fight, parents lose their cool, dusting is but a memory and the cat box mostly goes un-scooped. We found ourselves in a rut only remembering the bad things that happened to us that we forgot the good. And that dear reader is when the blog was born. It is so great that we are able to share our family’s doings with a wide audience (and by wide, I mean like 5 of you), but really the true reason behind it was so that we as a family could focus on the good…cause there is a lot more of that than the bad (well, most days at least).

Now….that commences our public service announcement.

And now through the magic of blogging, let me tell you about our 98% perfect weekend.

Here’s the thing. The hubby and I LOVE being an auntie and a uncle. So much so, that it honestly caught us a bit by surprise. We have our own kids and we love them to pieces, but we were completely overwhelmed with the love we feel to my sissy’s kiddos.

When California sissy had her boys, it came at a time when our kids had moved onto ‘big kiddo’ status as they were already potty trained and into pre-school/kindergarten. We had decided two was more than enough for us, but that didn’t stop the love of caring for a bambino. What? A diaper needs to be changed? I’m on it! Bath time you say? You got it! They don’t want to be put down….No problem! Those two baby boys were some of the cutest and most fun babies to be around and we just love them to pieces.

Then Yoga sissy brought us two more nephews and as a bonus- they live much closer to us, and our hearts just melted the first time we met them. They too filled the hole of little kid snuggles and really exciting bathtimes! Then she added the most adorable niece EVER and we were just done for…all of us…absolutely at her beckon call…done

As an added bonus, we really try to have the boys out to our house for their ‘birthday weekend of fun’. It all starts with a phone call. The boys get to decide the menu, the cake as well as what we are doing that weekend. Sometimes things are kept simple (Auntie, can we just stay home and play?) and sometimes things are a bit more specific (Auntie, I would like sausage AND bacon AND pancakes for dinner)

So here in a nutshell are all the activities we crammed into 28 hours:

First up, sledding! We just got a bunch of snow dumped on us and Saturday was remarkably warm. This equated to a perfect afternoon to sled on our favorite local hill.

13Next up, two boys played for HOURS in the backyard creating a one of a kind fort.

11Perhaps a nap was was taken al fresco (just kidding)


Little guy and myself decided we were cold, so a marathon of Scooby Doo was up next.


Then Uncle declared it was time to make dinner, so in the bday boy went to assist in the preparation. Yup….we needed to make sausage AND bacon (and pancakes of course)





photo 1Uncle declared him a great assistant and bday boy declared it the perfect dinner!

photo 2
Did I mention bacon AND sausage AND pancakes were mandated?

Then of course a round of singing followed by trick candles (hi-lar-i-ous!)

IMG_0916Then it is now tradition to take out every sleeping bag in the house so we can all watch a movie together. Then we tumbled into bed and not a peep was heard…….

….yeah…ummmmm…until 5 AM the next day…..sigh….the extra bonus of little boys is their inability to sleep in. There is just too much excitement to possibly roll over and go back to sleep!

So by 7:30, they were out the door on their way to catching some fish and perhaps some more sledding.


Birthday boy caught the first fish. Uncle was so darn proud as he caught it ALL by himself. Uncle no sooner walked away and when he turned around this guy had just flopped the fish onto the ice. Definitely a keeper too!

6Then his brother followed with one all on his own as well.  All in all about a dozen fish came home and we had what can only be called the best breakfast EVER. Blue gills and fresh eggs!  I mean come on! Is there anything better?

What you don't see in this pic is the fish are still flopping around on the table and uncle is asking the boys to smile..and the boys are FREAKING out!
What you don’t see in this pic is the fish are still flopping around on the table and uncle is asking the boys to smile..and the boys are FREAKING out!

Now, at this point one might think enough activities had been accomplished. Really a full day and then some had been put in….but someone promised ice skating…so off to the pond we went. (In retrospect…this was a very very bad decision)

IMG_0920The ice skating part was great. The kiddos all had a great time and loads of fun were had.

Then we all returned home just a tad bit tired….one might even say we were all a bit OVER tired… might even take it a step further to say we were all WAY OVER TIRED!

From there it was just a hop, skip and a jump away from tears and frustration and our lovely weekend ended on a bit of a sour note.  Sigh……

Lessons learned…..

* Packing 1,000,0000 things into one day is probably not the best choice.

* The strong conviction of a newly turned 6 year boy is nothing to toy with

* A good night’s sleep cures just about everything

* An Auntie and Uncles love is unequivocally forever…bad days and all

Love you boys,

Auntie and Uncle



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