The Buzz

Can you hear it?? That lovely buzz of spring?

We feel it at the Ranch….and it is hard to contain all our ideas without exploding.

The hubby equated it to feeling like we have just woken up from hibernation and I can’t agree more. It has been a long winter but we are realizing surviving winter only helps us appreciate our love of spring. And the boost of energy that comes from seeing that glowing orb in the sky on a regular basis….along with temps higher that 2 are pretty awesome as well. That being said, we have also hit the season of mud. Oh glorious sink your feet 4 inches into the ground mud. I mean our yard is M-U-D-D-Y!!!!!!!!!!!!

This past weekend the girl and I started over 200 seeds. I started conservatively ordering seeds this winter (and boy, is that hard to keep under control) and limited our supply from mainly Seed Savers and Fedco. Both are treasure troves of interesting and enticing heirloom and organic varieties, and they kept this gal’s spirit up during the darkness of winter. Oh the possibilities….

We haven’t started many seeds at the ranch as we just don’t have a good place to do it. Our basement is CHILLY and we would have to invest in some warming pads, but then there is also this very inquisitive cat to contain.

So what got me excited was I brought some geranium plants to winter at my work and they have just done so beautifully…that all of a sudden it hit me! I can start seeds at work!

I pulled in my favorite facilities dude and implored could I please put in a few grow lamps and he was happy to oblige (side note…we seriously have the greatest facilities dude EVER at my work!).

Here is what we look like 5 days in:





It gonna be a GREAT spring!


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