Girl Power

Greetings from a perfect Saturday afternoon…..

I woke up this morning with a spring in my step and was driven to complete one of our many many yard projects.

You know it is going to be an interesting day when by 10 am I had already been to the hardware store three times……Sigh…..

The hubby has a big big cooking class that he is getting ready for so I knew I had to tap into the kiddo resources to get the project done.  The boy was off doing his own thing so it was time for some GIRL POWER.

I called the girl at least 72 times before I got home so she could have all of the tools out and waiting and finally we got started.

We have wanted to fence in our garden a bit differently as our current setup, while very effective at keeping out the chickens, made weeding/planting absolute back breaking work.


The girl was an awesome partner. We broke out the maul, some power tools and donned our new leather work gloves.

By lunchtime…we were done!

nadia fence

And now we can garden a bit easier…..

fenceLet the garden season begin already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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