Where has the time gone?

Hello and greetings from a weird Spring in the Midwest. Only in Wisconsin can you consider turning on the furnace and the AC all in the same week. This past week we had threats of frost, followed by crazy thunderstorms and are now in 80+ degrees with extreme humidity…and mosquitoes are out in force already.

All that aside, the garden is thriving and flourishing like you wouldn’t believe. We thought we had made a very grave mistake by planting so early in May, given the out of the ordinary cool temps. But by some strange fate, the plants are growing by leaps and bounds.

I took some pictures 3 weeks ago and it wasn’t until I compared to pics I snapped this week that I got a full understanding of how well everything is going.

Here is the tomato box/cut flower box a few weeks ago:IMG_2629 And here is it now…some of the plants are actually past our knee already. Plants in the front of picture were started from seeds in March…woo hoo!!


Here are the beans a few weeks ago (don’t cha just love those Obelisks the kiddos and I built?)


And here are the beans all crazy high:


The onion and garlic box are just overflowing with bounty and we find ourselves putting chives and scallions on just about everything these days.

See that little yellow tractor down in front? That is just the bees knees! We can set up the hose in whatever pattern we need the water to go and the ‘rain train‘ follows along and keeps the water down near the roots.


Remember those chairs that needed painting? Well, the boy and I got that done this past weekend and they look awesome! (can you spot the hen taking a bath?)


And the deck isn’t looking so bad either. I even sewed new chair cushions this year…complete with zippers and everything (my first foray into zipper land wasn’t nearly as scary as I had thought it would be…ahem…thanks mostly to my very own zipper spirit guide)


We also ushered the boy into double digits….(how did THAT happen?!)


And found ourselves with a nephew for the weekend




It turns out, the BEST JOB you can give two young boys is fishing out 1000 worms so you can reap your first harvest of worm castings. Is there an easier way to do this? Yup…but they declared it the best job EVER!


We’ve even had a few rousing games of horse shoes


All in all…this is shaping up to be one whiz bang summer!


One thought on “Where has the time gone?

  1. You can’t predict the weather or what plants are going to do. From what I’ve heard and seen many times the veggie type plants don’t have a problem as long as they get sun and some heat in the day with a little drink now and then so they don’t get too thirsty.

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