Our 15 Minutes

So last year I did a post about our family’s involvement volunteering with Meals on Wheels..and little did I know that would be our most popular blog post. So imagine my surprise when a few weeks ago I received a call from Independent Living asking if our family would be interested in sharing our experience … More Our 15 Minutes

King for a Day

Greetings from Madison, WI…where the snow is still deep and the temps still negative… Sigh…. This past weekend brought some excitement, however, as we hosted our silly nephews for a night.  We will not be able to celebrate the big brother’s bday this year as they will be in sunny Arizona!  So we decided to … More King for a Day

Cave of the Wow-nds

So here at the ranch we are still adjusting to really only being together one full day a week.  Due to the hubby’s new work schedule we have all day Sunday as well as Monday dinner together as a family.  While none of us would agree that this is ‘ideal’ we definitely are doing as … More Cave of the Wow-nds

Get Your Nerd On

This past Sunday brought forth an excursion I never thought I would attend until I was well into my 80’s…living in Boca…wearing my daily caftan.  Dear reader, the gals and I packed on up and went out for Bingo. Now let me set the records straight, this was not your grandmother’s Bingo.  No no, this … More Get Your Nerd On


Well this past weekend was downright chilly in Madison.  That didn’t stop the kiddos and I from venturing out Saturday morning to check out the 2013 Madison Winter Festival.  It had been a few years since we had attended and I knew both kids would get a kick out of it.  Somehow I missed grabbing … More Brrrrrrr