Knit or Bust

So I have been waiting patiently to deliver the X-Mas recap FOREVER and it seems like the last 3 recipients and I will never be in the same room…SO I took matters into my own hands and shipped the last remaining gifts out so I can finally post this! I love love love knitting for … More Knit or Bust

Stitchin Son

Our apologies on the radio silence from the Wolowik Ranch. With the change in the seasons and the turning back of clocks we have found ourselves busier than ever. We have been running from one activity to the next and when we do find ourselves at home, there is so much to do! Leaves to … More Stitchin Son

Sew me some happy

My sewing machine has dust on it…a great big horrible pile as it has been months since I have even thought about sewing.  My sewing room is in our dismal basement that is freezing cold during the winter…so it is really hard for me to get pumped up to go down there.  However…..we have a … More Sew me some happy