Greetings! Hope you are all enjoying your summer so far. Of course in the Midwest ole Mother Nature keeps us guessing as to what the day may include. So far it has been on the cooler side, but we have had a nice mix of rain and sunshine so the garden is just bursting. Everything … More Poppies=Happiness

Dear Future Self

Dear Future Self circa May 2015, Every year you say you are going to do this, but you never do.  It is seriously maybe 15 minutes of work  yet every year you forget what plants comes up where, what needs to be thinned and where to focus your efforts. For once would you please just … More Dear Future Self

Closing Time

It is with a heavy heart that I declare our dear garden mostly closed for the season.  I have hopes that a few more squash will make it into the kitchen and perhaps a handful of tomatoes will still garnish a meal but for the most part it has run its course.  That isn’t to … More Closing Time

Slowly but Surely

Well, I think I am confident in saying that Spring is almost here…well, just about here….um, kinda here…..We seem to get bits and pieces but yet I still seem to have to run the heat in my car in the morning…but I finally took my mittens out of my purse.  Yup, that is probably what … More Slowly but Surely