Secrets Revealed

Greetings from a muggy, humid Midwest. We got some much needed rain early this morning but boy oh boy it is also very very warm…..otherwise known as a double deodorant day!

This past weekend found the family engaging on one of our most fun (and secret) pastimes. Oh we have let a few people in on our little secret, but mostly we keep it to ourselves.

Here it is….


I know what some of you are thinking….but……ummmmmmm……you’re not even Catholic…..not even a little bit…..

I KNOW! But gosh darn it, the Lutherans just don’t throw festivals like the Catholics do!

What is even more quietly noted…..almost admitted in a whisper….we are on the mailing list for the Catholic Herald! (so we can plan our schedules around all the bazaars!)


Seriously, we are happy to donate to all of these churches just so we can participate in all the fun. The kids love the games, the hubby and I love the book fairs and farmers markets and rummage sales….and we all love the bake sales!

Throw in a silent auction and you can just about guarantee it is on our calendar!

Throw in a polka band and a keg of beer cooling in the shade….well you can be darn sure we will be back next year!

i break

So there you have it….our little secret…and the reason most of you can’t get a hold of us Sunday afternoons!


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