A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Hello and greetings from a very warm and humid Midwest. It appears summer has finally arrived in full force and the AC is getting quite a work out these days. Saturday was a gloriously hot and sunny day and we found ourselves floating the afternoon away in a dear friend’s pool…..oh life can be so good!

I have finally finished up a few UFO’s (for those non-knitters out there…that is code for Un-Finished Objects) Most knitters have a few….. or a lot…it all depends on how many project bags you have to fill….

I quite literally have just needed to weave in two ends to this lovely lady but couldn’t bring myself to complete it until this weekend.

IMG_3047This was knit with what can only be described as the most expensive yarn I have ever bought. But…it is just so delicious I needed to indulge. The math behind how it switches colors confounds me as you start out with 5 stitches on your needles…and you end up with about 500000000 when you are done. And all along it just keeps changing colors at just the right time. Pattern was super duper easy…but the color changes provided just enough interest to keep me motivated. I can’t say this is the last time I will buy yarn from this lovely vendor…..

Next up was a shawl I had started awhile ago with no real person in mind to gift it to. Then I received an invitation to a lovely ladies 80th birthday party and knew exactly who I needed to finish it for.



The technique is called entrelac and it is one of my favorite kinds of knitting. It is a little putsy BUT by the end you can call yourself a knitting super hero as you must learn how to knit and purl forwards and backwards …less you want to turn your knitting around 19603784y89 times…which is truly annoying. The yarn was lovely and squishy and the color changes were so fun to watch. I was so thrilled to tie it up with a bow and deliver to the lovely birthday girl.

And last but not least is a quilt that I was commissioned by my mama for a sweet girl yet to be born. It had been a long time since I had visited a quilt store and the girl, mom and I had a wonderful time grabbing bolts and planning out the colors in the shop. This gets sent with a hug and a kiss to the lovely mama in waiting. My hope is always that I receive a picture in 5 years showing it it in shambles…falling apart…but thoroughly loved by the little girl.


And so dear reader I leave you with my view from the deck, my most favorite place on earth. And what are you working on this summer?



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