You know the place

Greetings from a very relaxed family. We are just wrapping up a short vacation and just have loads to report on.

I found this cabin last year but it didn’t work for us to try it out. A few weeks ago, on a whim I checked to see if it was available in August and as luck would have it, it was. It was only an hour away from our house, so it was really nice to have a quick drive, jump out of the car and immediately fall into vacation mode.

If you have ever vacationed in northern WI, you will know well the cabin that we rented.

It is the kind of place that has a pier and constant sunshine beckoning you to jump on in (Don’t dive…it’s only 24″ deep you will soon find out)


Its the kind of place that when you check the freezer, there are frozen mugs just waiting to to be filled with fresh A&W root beer…..


Its the kind of place that the fire pit is ready and waiting to help you realize those s’more dreams you have been having

IMG_3078But of course, first there is always the stick sharpening challenge….


Its the kind of place you can while away an afternoon just floating


Or you can try your hand at kayaking….watching the clouds go on for miles and miles



Its the kinda place that amazing meals are created…and put on plates decorated with wildlife.


Its the kind of place that endless games of Uno go on…and on….and on…….



Its the kind of place you go into town and enjoy a morning antiquing and finding lovely places



Its the kind of place that when you stop in the local library, you come out with old lady stockings chucked full of “pheasant eye narcissus” bulbs to plant for next spring


Its the kind of place you wake up early in the morning, and all you hear is the rustling of leaves. They even have a coffee cup that reminds you of home….


And finally, its the kinda place that lends to some great family fishing. The kind of place that you all trek down to the pier at sunset to watch the colors change from yellow, to apricot, to brilliant green and blue…..and catch some great lookin fish. Fish that fed us for several meals….fish that got us so excited I am surprised the neighbors didn’t tell us to hush…fish that were some of the largest that we had ever caught….fish that broke us off and brought a tear to our eye…..fishin that made the hubby proud






All in all…it’s the kind of place…that was perfection……


2 thoughts on “You know the place

  1. Neat, nice place to spend about 12 months out of the year. OK, so a few of those months there wouldn’t be swimming, but still fishing, ice fishing.

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